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It is a pleasure to recommend Dr. Kavros. We have known each other for many years, and she is an wonderfully thoughtful and skilled clinician. I am particularly appreciative of the numerous areas of treatment Dr Kavros has mastered, including individual cognitive behavioral therapy, couple's therapy, sex therapy, and neuropsychology. She regularly seeks out new learning opportunities to bring the most cutting edge scientific knowledge to her work. The clients I've referred always provide positive feedback about their work with Dr. Kavros, and with her recent move to N. Carolina she will be sorely missed among the New York community of cognitive behavioral clinicians.

Tamar Gordon, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, New York, NY

I have partnered with Peregrine Kavros discussing the topic Effective Intergenerational Communication in the Workplace. 

She is the most thorough and hard working professional I have ever worked with. Her research skills and devotion to her topic are exemplary. In addition she is extremely kind and thoughtful. 

It is always a pleasure to partner with her and I look forward to our work together in the future.

Lynn Berger, LMHC, NCC, MCC, PCC, Noted Career Expert, New York, NY

Peri has been a trusted colleague for over 10 years. She is the person I most readily turn to, and I greatly value her clinical advice, insights, and recommendations. I refer patients to her regularly and with full confidence that she will meet them where they are at, with warmth, compassion, and finely-tuned listening. She brings a variety of well-developed skills to her work with patients, helping them to learn more about themselves, build skills, change unwanted behaviors, improve their well-being, and reach their goals, all in an environment of caring and thoughtfulness that is tailored to their individual needs and concerns. She extends herself immeasurably to provide help to others, whether they be patients, colleagues, or others in her community. She operates with the utmost of integrity and has a passion for learning and growing. Her broad range of expertise and her effective way of working with others make her a valuable resource in her community.

Laurie Nisco, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, New York & Mt Kisco, NY

I have had the privilege of attending two of Dr.Peregrine Kavros's presentations on Mindfulness. One presentation was to a group of SSTAR (Society for Sex Therapy and Research) clinicians.  The second experience was her presentation at NYU Langone Medical School as she presented to a group of trainees through the Department of Psychiatry.  Dr. Kavros, in both presentations, skillfully wove in clinical material along with an experiential guided meditative process. She is a very passionate, clear, engaging, presenter with a tremendous knowledge base. She is unique in her ability to present didactic material while creating a safe space to offer a meditation. I received numerous compliments on Dr. Kavros's presentations on Mindfulness, and highly recommend her.  I am thrilled that she will be joining us again at NYU Langone Medical School in a few months.

Amy Rosenberg, LCSW, Co-Director, Human Sexuality Program, Department of Psychiatry, New York University Languone Medical Center


Dr. Kavros is an incredibly well-educated, dedicated professional. She is meticulous in the care she offers her patients and clients. In our time at Hunter College, as well as Columbia University, she was so kind and giving, sharing with me her extensive knowledge of psychological issues and her experience with patients with ALS. She is wonderful colleague and I recommend her highly and without reservation.

Christine Weber, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Seaford, NY

A superb therapist. A deep and bright spirit whose compassion and kindness bring comfort and light. Brings to bear an extraordinary depth and range of training, expertise and experience on problems that most clinicians do not know how to treat. I admire her as a colleague and would take a family member to her for care. I first met Peregrine Kavros in the early 1990's when a member of my own family was dying from a rare neurological disease about which Peregrine had huge knowledge. Peregrine was a pastor to many individuals with neurological disease and to their families at that time. Her kindness, warmth and wisdom gave suffering people peace. In the intervening twenty five years I have watched with wonder as she acquired training in a number of areas about which most psychologists know very little. I know her to be a spiritual, caring, kind, warm and compassionate human being, and also a highly competent expert in a number of related areas. Her commitment to continually learning is unusually strong. This gives me faith that she will continue to be at the cutting edge of our field. Peregrine is a gift, a gem!

Jennifer Lish, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Director,

Worcester Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, MA

Dr. Kavros has been a wonderful role model and mentor. She puts the needs of clients first, working in a tireless fashion. She brings to her work the combination of a meticulous, highly efficient style while acting with the utmost integrity and the highest ethical standards. It is no coincidence that she is the recipient of the Robert L Thomson Mentoring & Leadership award as she does not hesitate to support, encourage and lead. She is generous, patient and diligent. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Kavros.

Lucy Prager, LCSW, Psychotherapist, New York, NY

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