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As a Schema Therapist and Clinician, I am fascinated with the way in which the brain, and especially our memories (those we can remember and those we cannot) influence our emotions and behavior. If an emotional reaction is extremely painful or too strong for the situation warranted, it may remind us of how we felt when we were younger with a "knee jerk" reaction. This reaction may inspire a desire to escape or numb, or the feeling may simply hang around and we continue to "visit" it over and over. When we experience these reactions, the bedrock of the emotion is old.


If you are interested in changing this habitual way of reacting, and improving your relationships: with yourself, with others, at home, and at work, Schema Therapy may be a good choice for you. It was a good choice for me because I was able to move towards solution focused strategies while also healing the gaps in attachment over my entire lifespan. Personally, I was simply ready to do something different with my life. 

Dr. Jeffrey Young's framework and how it has evolved with evidence based research domestically and internationally is impressive! The theory adapts multiculturally and captures the diversity that is so important to me. My professional specialties lie where personal and professional lives intersect: relationships, sexual functioning, and work related challenges. Whether issues arise in the Boardroom or the bedroom, my mission is to empower individuals, couples, families, and executives. Emotionally, cognitively and behaviorally, I am interested in working with individuals who are ready to do something different: join me in becoming our best selves by enhancing our strengths and improving our coping styles. Together, we will craft a results oriented strategy that is adapted to your personality style and addresses your specific concerns. 

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