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What to Expect When you Schedule an Appointment

When you schedule an appointment with me, we will spend the first one or two sessions talking about your goals and pertinent background information. I may, during this time, provide you with questionnaires that you can take home and complete. After reviewing all of this information, I will provide you with an understanding of your concerns, and the type of commitment that is involved in order for you to accomplish the goals that are important to you. 

Once we identify a mutually convenient time to meet, I ask that you keep your commitment to the appointment unless you inform me otherwise with appropriate notice. Therapy is most effective when meetings occur weekly. In some cases, therapeutic meetings, which occur more than once a week may be suggested, and in other cases, bi-weekly meetings (if clinically appropriate) may be agreed upon. 

Positive and negative emotions infographic

Missed and Cancelled Appointments

Therapy is most effective when it is weekly, not only to maintain the continuity of the work but to maintain the nature of the relationship. Sometimes you may hit a sensitive spot in therapy, and it can feel as though it is easier to avoid the appointment. It is more helpful for you if we can talk about the concern rather than having you cancel or miss the session. Also, as I am holding your appointment, and coordinating the schedules of multiple individuals when you miss or cancel an appointment, it is challenging for me, as well.


If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, kindly provide 48 hours notice. We can work together to find another convenient time to meet during the week. If it is not possible for you to come into the office we can schedule an appointment through confidential televideo conferencing (if clinically appropriate). If you cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours notice (except in the case of an extreme emergency) you are responsible for the session.

Please do not send clinical information over email or text. It is better to discuss personal information either in session or on the phone. If you do wish to contact me about administrative matters over email kindly send me a message here through the We Counsel website. 


I am currently not In-network with any insurance carrier including Medicare. I can provide you with a billing statement for reimbursement if you wish to submit it to your insurance company. 


Payment (check or cash) is expected at the time of the session unless we make other arrangements. Should you become involved in legal proceedings and my participation is requested (both for review of records or testimony) you will be billed at an hourly rate plus expenses, for preparation and attendance at any legal proceeding. 

Social Media

Resources for psychotherapy patients are available on my website.

Resources are also made available through various social media

such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I do not connect

with or correspond with clients through social media as it does not

maintain confidentiality. If you send a request to "connect" or

"friend", please accept my apologies but I must decline.

Travel and Holidays

I will inform you of my planned absences, and we will reschedule

your appointment accordingly. If I am unavailable for an extended time,

I will provide you with the name of a trusted colleague whom you can

contact, if necessary.

Emergency Contact

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911, or

go to the nearest hospital that offers psychiatric care, request a mental health professional, and then telephone me.

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