Detached Self-Soothing Behaviors (Addiction)

Detached Self-Soothing Behaviors and Health*

Center for Disease Control 

Alcohol and Public Health


Basic Facts about Drinking

CDC Alcohol Infographic          Check Here

The Fix -

 First Do No Harm

 Article on Harm Reduction Click Here

 How Smart is Smart Recovery

 Interview - Dr. Tom Horvath Click Here

Serene Scene

 Interview - Dr. Tom Horvath  Click Here

HBO -  Addiction/Compulsivity

 CRAFT An Alternative Intervention by 

 Robert Myers                     Click Here

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Detached Self-Soothing Behaviors - Links*

Smart Recovery       


Harm Reduction for Alcohol        


   Recovery Program   


Community Reinforcement and Family Training (for loved ones in relationship with those struggling with addiction/compulsivity) 


Allies in Recovery Website

The HBO Film Allies in Recovery


The Effects of Addiction/Compulsivity on Sleep - Tuck Advancing Better Sleep                        


Books - Detached Self-Soothing Behaviors (Addiction/Compulsivity)*

Suzette Glasner-Edwards, PhD, The Addiction Recovery Skills Workbook: changing addictive behaviors using CBT, Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing Techniques, New Harbinger Publications, 2015.

Thomas Horvath, PhD, Sex, Drugs, Ganbling, Chocolate: a workbook for overcoming addictions, 2nd Edition, Impact Publishers, 2004.

Robert J. Myers, PhD and Brenda Wolfe, PhD, Get Your Loved One Sober: alternatives to nagging, pleading, and threatening, Hazeldon, 2004. 

Smart Recovery Handbook, 3rd Edition                                                            Click Here


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