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Detached Self-Soothing Behaviors (Addiction)

Detached Self-Soothing Behaviors and Health*

Center for Disease Control 

Alcohol and Public Health


Basic Facts about Drinking

CDC Alcohol Infographic          Check Here

The Fix -

 First Do No Harm

 Harm Reduction               Click Here



Detached Self-Soothing Behaviors - Links*

Smart Recovery       


Harm Reduction for Alcohol        


Inpatient/Outpatient Recovery Program   


Allies in Recovery Website

Get support while helping your loved one respond to addictive agents. 

CRAFT An Alternative Intervention    Click Here

Community Reinforcement and Family Training (for loved ones in relationship with those struggling with addiction/compulsivity) 



Books - Detached Self-Soothing Behaviors (Addiction/Compulsivity)*

Suzette Glasner-Edwards, PhD, The Addiction Recovery Skills Workbook: changing addictive behaviors using CBT, Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing Techniques, New Harbinger Publications, 2015.

Thomas Horvath, PhD, Sex, Drugs, Ganbling, Chocolate: a workbook for overcoming addictions, 2nd Edition, Impact Publishers, 2004.

Robert J. Myers, PhD and Brenda Wolfe, PhD, Get Your Loved One Sober: alternatives to nagging, pleading, and threatening, Hazeldon, 2004. 

Smart Recovery Handbook, 3rd Edition                                                            Click Here


*Interviews, Audio Downloads, Infographics, and Books are offered as resources for clients and cannot replace the expertise and therapeutic guidance of a trained Psychotherapist.   

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