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My Relationship - do I stay or do I leave?

Dr. Samantha Joel leads the Relationship Decisions Lab at Western University in Ontario, Canada, which has been studying the factors that contribute to whether a person stays or leaves a relationship. While there are many reasons why one would either stay or leave -

The top positive reasons that encourage people to stay are: emotional intimacy, investment, and a sense of obligation.

The top reasons that encourage people to leave are: issues with a partner's personality, breach of trust, and partner withdrawal.

The bottom line, why people most often stay: the fear of divorce, a fear of being alone, and the fear of not being financially stable on their own.

A consistent feeling expressed by individuals was ambivalence, which is not surprising as maintaining a good relationship can involve a great deal of time and attention, and can be quite challenging. The take home thought was that getting into a relationship was much easier than getting out of one. All the better, to takes things nice and slowly, and be careful with one's choice.

For a more complete story about Relationship Decisions, please click (HERE):

For more information about Dr. Joel's Relationship lab, please click (HERE).

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