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Updated: Apr 15

Earlier this week, as I entered Costco, one of the greeters asked me if I wanted my grocery cart "wiped down". I was touched by their thoughtfulness. Later as I shopped the reality of the impact of COVID-19 presented in a less assuming way. Costco's usual abundant supply of paper towels had diminished to just a few stacks in a corner. In another part of the store, I found one container of sanitary wipes.

The spread of the COVID-19 has us all concerned about our health. Many individuals are questioning whether they should keep their commitments to travel. Whether it is to a family event, or a professional gathering, there is no one answer that will be right for everyone. This is a moment of Self-Care and Health that requires careful deliberation, especially if one falls within a high risk group (the elderly, or those with compromised immune systems and respiratory illness). Please do not hesitate to contact your physician if you need help in making that decision. If this website is your first stop, please check out the resources listed in this Blog that can help broaden your knowledge pool. Let's start with 4 -

4 Official Information Centers (please click on each organization to be taken to that website): 1) The World Health Organization; 2) US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention; 3) CDC Travel Advisory; and, 4) North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services.

4 Resources: 1) NCDHHS Stop Spread of Germs; 2) NCDHHS Symptoms of COVID-19; 3) NCDHHS COVID-19 Power Point; and, 4) COVID-19 Video of Dr. Peter Lin, Family Physician, Toronto.

Please follow up regularly with the Information Centers listed above.




COVID - 19 POWER POINT (click here)


Video - Dr. Peter Lin, Family Physician, Toronto (click here)


Lung Exercises to build Resilience! (Click here)

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