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Choosing not to drink alcohol when everyone else is drinking can be one of the more difficult choices that we face today. Steven Petrow shared that he found himself in a "strange place" when he stopped drinking and some of his friends became uncomfortable (click here to be taken to the article, Washington Post, March 4, 2017). Mr. Petrow writes that he never thought that the choice to stop drinking would be most profoundly felt in his social life.

Our path in life is lined with habits: some habits are healthy and positive, and others less so; and, some habits, if we allow them, will lead us down a road of destruction and even death. We know about those sort of habits, but sometimes we have difficulty claiming them as our own, or seeing them as they are - destructive. Nonetheless, we struggle one way or another, or we painfully watch our friends and relatives attempt to manage their choices of destruction. We read about habits, such as these, in the newspaper, and we see them exposed in television and movies. Drinking alcohol is such a part of our society and culture, we will often see alcohol in venues that we never would have in the past such as, children's birthday parties. Yet, I have more clients than ever talking about their drinking, and exploring new ways to think about the role that they want alcohol to have in their lives.

For more information about the impact of alcohol of your health, please see the Center for Disease Control's Fact Sheet, which is found under Addiction Resources on this website. My clients' desire and ability to commander the strength that they need to make a healthy choice fills my heart and gives me hope.

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