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At our initial meeting, we will discuss the current demands that you are facing at home and at work. After sharing your ability to work on these issues outside of the session, I will suggest an individualized solution-focused plan that will bring about the changes you would like to see in your life. 


You may find that you are able to incorporate changes into your life sooner than you had thought. Some individuals may need a longer period of time to reach their goals.  

Just a FEW of the issues that encouraged individuals to seek consultation are:

  •   unhelpful anxiety or worry

  •   feeling down, lost, sad, or grief-stricken

  •   feeling isolated or lonely

  •   feeling angry or irritable

  •   feeling unhappy with relationships 

  •   not feeling valued

  •   issues related to establishing healthy boundaries and/or values

  •   not feeling "connected" to one's body or the situation

  •   difficulties with managing money or priorities

  •   difficulties with managing time, work, employees, employers

  •   difficulties with managing attention, organization, and/or projects

  •   compulsive unhelpful habits that are distracting or isolating you from life.


Psychotherapy with Individuals

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