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What is 

Schema Therapy?

Schema Therapy is an integrative 3rd wave Cognitive Therapy. The culturally sensitive and inclusive treatment model blends aspects of cognitive behavioral, experiential, attachment, developmental, object relations, psychoanalytic, emotionally focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and mindfulness.

While goals vary the theoretical approach is designed to soothe long-standing emotional and behavioral difficulties originating in childhood and adolescence when core needs of attachment, safety, consistency, creativity, spontaniety, and healthy limits are not met. When core needs are not met in the child, Schemas, or certain ways of looking at the world take shape. The child develops ways of behaving, Modes, which in the beginning, enable the child to survive, but later, can affect or inhibit the formation of healthy relationships with oneself as well as others. Over time, the client and therapist work together to identify, heal, and integrate, the Schemas and Modes that are affecting one's feeling of wellness. 

Schema Therapy was developed by Dr. Jeffrey Young for clients who were not able to respond to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Those clients often presented with chronic, rigid, and complex psychological issues. Dr. Young’s integrated treatment model highlights experiential techniques, safety, and a healthy conceptualization of the therapeutic relationship. Schema Therapy is supported by evidence-based research and provides a structured developmental framework that facilitates change.


For a comprehensive database of the research supporting Schema Therapy, please go to the Schema Therapy Library

Clients for a brief Guide to Schema Therapy by Drs. Bricker and Young, please click HERE.

Licensed Clinicians who are interested in training in Schema Therapy, please go to the Schema Therapy Institute SouthEast (STISE) and click HERE, for training opportunities and affiliates of the Institute. 


Jeffrey E. Young, PhD

Please click HERE to watch a You Tube video of Dr. Young being interviewed by Dr. Alexander Vaz,

on Psychotherapy Expert Talks

"From Cognitive Therapy to Schema Therapy and Beyond"

Two Dried Leaves

George Lockwood, PhD

Please click HERE to watch Dr. Lockwood on You Tube as he shares the unique aspects of Schema Therapy that makes it especially effecting with long standing issues affecting one's relationship with oneself and others. 

Two Dried Leaves
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